Das Fernweh-Mobil®

Offroad Reisekabinen für Pick-Ups


The well- thougt out and comfortable interior of the Fernweh-Mobil is now completed with the new GFRP – furniture. This includes one bench for the left side, one bench for the right side, one seat for the middle with toilet, one kitchen block for the cooker/sink- combination and one cupboard. The excellent optical characteristics with the rounded edges, inserted wooden-flaps and high-quality fittings remain. The GFRP- furniture provides a lot of room for a cooker/sink combination, 2 pieces 5kg gas cylinder, approx. 50 litre water tank, 10 litre wastewater, 35 litre compressor cool box, 95 Ah AGM battery, PortaPotti, one U-swing-aside table and a lot of storage space inside the benches.

Headroom opened roof from 195cm up to 230cm

Seat height / closed roof 105cm

Garment bag sisal

Gament bags mouse grey

Toilet (PortaPotti) to pull out, It is also usable if the bed is extended.

Enough space for 4 people

Installation of the lower lying area W110 / 180xL180 / 230cm

Spacious cooker/sink- combination with storage area and compressor cool box 35 litre or 40 litre

Spacious cupboard with mirrow for cups, plates, pots, toilet bag and towels etc.

Everything is well-arranged and available immediately, e.g. the cutlery bag

The Fernweh Mobil is also suitable for large people. Headroom from 195cm up to 230cm.

The mattesses get well aired by the slatted frame.

The bed in the alcove can be pulled out easily and has a size of approx. W160xL210 cm. It is possible to lie in both directions – even if the roof is closed.

The additional fleece curtains keep the sleeping area warm. The cabin can be well aired anyway, without getting cold.

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