Das Fernweh-Mobil®

Offroad Reisekabinen für Pick-Ups

Construction for storing

The loading and unloading of the cabin

Due to the fact that we never had the demand of reloading the cabin during our trips, since more than 15 years, we got the idea of creating a construction for loading and unloading only for storing at home.


    fast loading and reloading of the cabin (approx. 10 minutes)

    less weight at the cabin

    no sharp – edged profiles outside the cabin

    only one strong person is necessary to lift the cabin from the truck

    the cabin can be easily moved on even ground

    the cabin can be loaded and unloaded when the cabin is standing on the lifting cart

    the construction for storing does not need much space for disassembling (parking space remains free)

    dimension disassembled approx. W50 x H130 x L200 cm

Ready for the next journey in 13 minutes

Loading with the lifting cart


    Remove the rear flap of the Pick – up. In case of an air suspension, please remove the air pressure. If the rear of the pick up is higher than the front, due to the chassis, please level it out with a liftig jack at the front.


    Fix the mounting for the cabin in the corners and put them in the front corner of the loading area.


    Place the anti-slip mat


    Now the lifting cart, loaded with the cabin, can be placed to the right position and pumped upwards, that the cabin floats above the loading area. The front cross beam has to be removed to be able to put the cabin onto the loading area.


    Now the cabin can be pushed up against the back square.


    Drop the cabin slowly and evenly.


    Pump up the air suspension and remove the lifting jack at the front. Pull back the lifting cart carefully (Please pay attention that the lifting cart does not touch the car body), reinstall the front cross beam and push the lifting cart aside.


    Fix the front mountings and lash them!


    Fix the rear mountings and lash them!


    Make a short test drive and check the clamping fixtures. The clamping fixtures should be checked at every opportunity.

Have your brochure sent to your home

Have your brochure sent to your home

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